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Can You Believe The Prices for Wedding Videos?
By now you have probably gone into shock estimating how
much your wedding is going to cost. You know you need a
wedding video so you will remember every moment but
then you check out the prices and figure there is no way
you can afford thousands of dollars for a wedding
videographer. You are right. You do need a video but you
are wrong if you think you can't afford one.
VideoPro is the answer.
In the Director's Chair...
Amye Henderson is in the director's chair at VideoPro. Amye
has been a professional videographer for over 15 years. Yes,
she used to be one of those videography studios that charged
up to $4,000 to shoot a wedding but her views have changed. It
breaks her heart to think that some couples do without a high
quality wedding video just because of price. Amye is now doing
video marketing for several national brands full-time and has
moved wedding videos to a sideline business. This is a plus to
bridal couples everywhere because she still has top of the line
equipment, skills and talent but has developed packages that
require less editing time and in turn will save you money! Amye
thinks that everyone should have a wedding video but that it
shouldn't cost a arm and a leg. If you are looking for
affordability and superb quality in your wedding video then
VideoPro is the studio for you. You can see our demos by
clicking on the television screens to the right. Check out our
packages. They will bring a smile to your face!